Let's Party!

Since 2004 Burnout Masters has been renowned as the ultimate grand final big dance in Australia and around the world. Showcasing incredible cars from Down Under and New Zealand, it's earned a global reputation as the toughest pro burnout series on the planet. Being crowned a Burnout Master is the highest accolade a true tread shredder can achieve. 
To celebrate 20 years of adrenaline pumping action, two powerhouses have joined forces to bring the heat to America's summer! The Burnout Masters World Tour by Powercruise USA will deliver the wildest Aussie cars to pads around America. Join us for the ride of a lifetime where burnouts will rain rubber and reign supreme!

Brainerd International Raceway, 16 - 19th May 2024

Brainerd International Raceway, 25 - 28th July 2024

More events and special appearances including:
Cleetus and Cars Burnout Rivals
rnout Wars

Sick Summer Drag and Drive
Skids4Kids USA
1320video Kyle's compound
Adam LZ's Florida compound
Westen Champlin's Kansas compound

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