Build it. Rev it. Send it!

Go wild with the official game of the world famous pro burnout series. Burnout Masters features more than 40 real life competitor cars plus over 70 stock cars you can build and customise to create the ultimate tread shredding machine!
Skid your own car, or dozens of legendary rides by the original outlaws. Shred tread on burnout pads at renowned Burnout Masters events in Australia, America and New Zealand.
Meet up with your mates and bring it on. Watch the video below for a taste of the action!

America, We're Bringing the Heat.

Australia's best pro burnout cars are coming to America with their A-game.
Current Burnout Master LYNCHY will be joined by the world's wildest motorsport team including Burnout Masters game favourites LUXIFER, SKIDMA, CL1KB8 plus IMPOSTER, OVRDONE, JACKO'S LUX, BATLIN and more to come! They'll be turning it up, revving it loud and shredding tread Aussie style on a pad near you.
Do. Not. Miss. This!

Smash Treads in Killa Threads.

Burnout Masters is a lifestyle with no limits.
Love the sport? Live it small, medium, or extra large with exclusive merchandise.